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ARISE is coming up with new logo

Plan A


Inviting to ARISE 2015

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We Students and Faculties of Information science and Engineering cordialy invites you to Arise 2015

ARISE ")!%


Interactive learning

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  1. Super market Data Base(Shwetha and group-5th sem)
  2. Intro. to DBMS(Neha and group-5th sem)
  3. DBMS(Arshiya and group–5th sem)
  4. Post office Data Base(Shwetha and group–5th sem)


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Arise logo

ARISE forum of ISE is coming up with new activity!!!

Any of your creative ideas can be posted on our facebook fan page.

The best creative will be certified.

Your ideas can be of any kind, such as related to Physics, Current or new technologies etc.

please post your ideas in the below link.


ARISE -2015

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Arise logo

Technical events:31 aug 2015

Cultural events:1 sept  2015

Sl.No Batch No USN Student Name Project Title Guide name
1 P1 1TJ11IS011 Gayathri Lakshmi.M Anti Theft for Andriod Based Devices Mrs.Sanchitha
2 1TJ11IS016 Pooja.S
3 1TJ11IS013 Nandini.M.N
4 1TJ11IS026 Sunitha
5 P2 1TJ11IS007 Dhruva.N Automatic Scaling of Internet Applications for
Cloud Computing Services
6 1TJ11IS021 Sourabh.P
7 1TJ11IS020 Sampath kumar.G
8 1TJ11IS010 Hafeezullah khan
9 P3 1TJ11IS015 Noorsaba A State of the Art Privacy Preserving on E-health Cloud Ms.SrushtiC.S
10 1TJ10IS053 Joicy.A.J
11 1TJ10IS015 Kavya.S
12 P4 1TJ11IS008 Disha.P.B Live Tracking Activity for Smart Phone Using Android Dr.Ravindranath.M
13 1TJ11IS006 Deepika M bhat
14 1TJ11IS012 Manisha.M.S
15 P5 1TJ11IS004 Chaitra Vani.J Development of Generator and Exactor to Aid in Testing Satellite Sub-System Software Mrs.Chaitra.B
16 1TJ11IS003 Chaitra
17 P6 1TJ11IS018 Rishabh Sharma E-Parking System Mrs.Chaitra.B
18 1TJ11IS025 Srikar
19 1TJ11IS024 Sourav kumar
20 1TJ11IS017 Rajesh.M
21 P7 1TJ10IS030 Raghavendra Defending Against Collabrative Attacks By MANETS – A Cooperative Bait Detection Approach Mrs.Vijayalakshmi.R
22 1TJ11IS023 Sowmya.T.M
23 1TJ11IS022 Soujanya A kadi
24 1TJ08IS022 Jyothi.N
25 P8 1TJ08IS028 Mohammed Amil Nasim Autonomus Moblie Mesh Networks Mrs.Vijayalakshmi.R
26 1TJ09IS035 Stephen Anthony
27 1TJ11IS005 Chandrashekar.P.G
28 1TJ08IS033 Niranjan
SL No USN NAME Title of the topic
1 1TJ10IS015 Kavya Suresh Varma Mobile tracking system using open MTC platform
2 1TJ10IS053 JOICY A.J Improving Security Authentication of IEEE 802.16 WiMax with
New Public key algorithm
3 1TJ10IS030 RAGHAVENDRA Hierarchical Prediction and Context Adaptive
Coding for Lossless Color Image Compression
4 1TJ09IS035 STEPHEN ANTHONY Captcha as Graphical Passwords A New Security Primitive
Based on Hard AI Problems
5 1TJ08IS028 MOHAMMED AMIL NASIM Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review
6 1TJ08IS022 JYOTHI N Network Security for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing
7 1TJ08IS033 NIRANJAN Online Payment System using Steganography and
Visual Cryptography
8 1TJ11IS003 CHAITRA What Will 5G Be?
9 1TJ11IS004 CHAITRA VANI.J Device-to-Device Communications for National
Security and Public Safety
10 1TJ11IS005 CHANDRASHEKHAR.P.G New Approach to Improvement and Measurement of the Performance of
PHY Layer Links of WSN​
11 1TJ11IS006 DEEPIKA.M.BHAT Mobile Applications as Cloud Computing:
Implementation and Challenge
12 1TJ11IS007 DHRUVA.N Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Hybrid Deep
Convolutional Neural Networks
13 ITJ11IS008 DISHA P B Cloud computing concepts, architecture, security issues
and mobile internet cloud computing.
14 1TJ11IS010 HAFEEZULLAH KHAN Progressive image denoising through hybrid graph laplacian
regularization: A unifiedframework
15 1TJ11IS011 GAYATHRI LAKSHMI.M Internet of Things for Smart Cities
16 1TJ11IS012 MANISHA.M.S Modeling and Prediction of Rainfall Using Radar
Reflectivity Data: A Data-Mining Approach
17 1TJ11IS013 NANDINI.M.N Cloud Computing Services for the Healthcare Industry
18 1TJ11IS015 NOORSABA Trusted Cloud Computing with Secure Resources and Data Coloring
19 1TJ11IS016 POOJA.S The Fog computing paradigm: scenarios and security issues
20 1TJ11IS017 RAJESH.M SocialTube: P2P-assisted Video Sharing in Online Social Networks​
21 1TJ11IS018 RISHABH SHARMA Green Computing
22 1TJ11IS020 SAMPATH KUMAR.G How Long to Wait? Predicting Bus Arrival Time
With Mobile Phone Based Participatory Sensing
23 1TJ11IS021 SAURABH P Virtual Reality
24 1TJ11IS022 SOUJANYA.A.KADI HIPI: A Hadoop Image Processing Interface for
Image-based MapReduce Tasks
25 1TJ11IS023 SOUMYA.T.M Multi-View Facial Expression Recognition Based on Group Sparse
Reduced-Rank Regression
26 1TJ11IS024 SOURAV KUMAR Data_Security_the_Challenge_of_Cloud_Computing-1
27 1TJ11IS025 SRIKAR.G Optical Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System Using
LED Transmitter and Camera Receiver
28 1TJ11IS026 SUNITHA.B Privacy-Preserving Optimal Meeting Location Determination on
Mobile Devices

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Placed in 2015


Sl.No. USN Student Name Company Name Package
1 1TJ11IS016 POOJA SATISH Mphasis RS2,50,000
HP RS3,40,000
Nurture Software Solution RS2,50,000
2 1TJ08IS008 Kavya Suresh Varma JK Technosoft RS2,00,000
3 1TJ11IS018 Rishabh Sharma JK Technosoft
Amiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd RS2,10,000
4 1TJ08IS007 Dhruva.N JK Technosoft RS2,00,000
5 1TJ08IS028 Mohd.Amil Nasim JK Technosoft RS2,00,000
IBM RS2,10,000
6 1TJ11IS011 Gayathri Lakshmi.M Nurture Software Solution RS2,50,000

Placed in 2014

Sl.No. USN Student Name Company Name Package
1 1TJ10IS032 Raksha S HP Rs.2,40,000
2 1TJ10IS04 Syeda Farheen Fathima HP Rs.2,40,000
3 1TJ10IS033 Ritish Raghavan HP Rs.2,40,000
4 1TJ10IS002 Akshay A.Karanths HP Rs.2,40,000
5 1TJ10IS003 Anusha Venugopal HP Rs.2,40,000
6 1TJ10IS013 Gladvi Sowmya HP Rs.2,40,000
7 1TJ10IS051 Syed Ammar Mustafa HP Rs.2,40,000
8 1TJ10IS019 Meghana B ARYAKA NETWORKS INDIA Rs.3,40,000
9 1THJ10IS041 Sruthi R ARYAKA NETWORKS Rs.3,40,000
10 1TJ10IS034 Salman Khan SRI MISRY SOLUTIONS Rs.1,44,000

Placed in 2013

Sl.No. USN Student Name Company Name Package
1 1TJ09IS013 Muthamma.M HP Rs.2,40,000
2 1TJ09IS028 Shilpa.C ACCENTURE Rs.2,40,000
3 1TJ09IS022 Ravina Agarawal IBM Rs.2,40,000
4 1TJ08IS052 Vikram.M TATATSU IDEALABS 2,00,000

Placed in 2012

Sl.No. USN Student Name Company Name Package
2 1TJ08IS040 Roshan P Thomas SYNTEL
3 1TJ08IS007 Bulbul Khooda HP India
4 1TJ08IS006 Blezy Sam HP India
5 1TJ08IS021 Jomon T Jose UNISYS
6 1TJ08IS038 Rehan Mirza UNISYS
7 1TJ08IS047 Sidram Randhir Banahatti IBM
8 1TJ08CS011 Edwin L CMC Ltd.
9 1TJ08IS020 Jiny Boban CMC Ltd.
10 1TJ08IS027 Merlin Diana CMC Ltd.
11 1TJ08IS048 Sujatha Manni CMC Ltd.
12 1TJ08IS050 Sushma A CMC Ltd.
13 1TJ08IS053 Yashika BP CMC Ltd